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Posted by docsmooth on 2023/10/14

My daughter was playing the New York Times Connections the other day and asked me “Dad, what’s a limerick?”

I answered:

a limerick is a type of verse
who’s lines are forced to be terse
it may be a joke
or some fun it may poke
but writing them sure makes me curse.

So I guess that’s my superpower – limericks on queue.

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Basil Hayden Dark Rye

Posted by docsmooth on 2020/08/13

With cherry, car’mel and honey,

This rye just is the bee’s knees,

With soda or rocks,

It takes off my socks,

Add rye’s spice and I’m just super pleased!

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Aultmore 12 year

Posted by docsmooth on 2020/01/17

Nose soft and gentle as good flannel,

Warms hearts like I’m a mammal,

Absolutely no peat,

But it carries a heat,

That fills me with sounds of Mandel

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Boone County Eighteen 33

Posted by docsmooth on 2019/07/08

More oak and more spice than the last,

A whiskey I surely will not pass,

But it still has bite,

And a taste I do like,

Yet more bourbon that I drink too fast.

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Old Forester Bourbon

Posted by docsmooth on 2019/07/08

It has a soft side and tastes cleaner,

The corn cuts through oak like a beaver,

It’s flavor makes me

Want to order three,

But I think I’ll order something neater.

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Blind Tiger Chicago bourbon

Posted by docsmooth on 2019/02/16

Away from Scotches I can be torn

By whiskey which is made of some corn,

I drink this bourbon neat,

Oak and rose and no peat,

It’s so smooth: when emptied I’m forlorn.

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Auchentoschen virgin bourbon barrel

Posted by docsmooth on 2017/01/19

Rosy and sweet with a bit of velvet,

A taste I am sure I will not regret,

It tastes of some wood,

But surely it could,

Become a drink I won’t forget.
Sales kickoff 2017, Phoenix, AZ

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Alberta Rye – Dark Batch

Posted by docsmooth on 2016/06/14

Rosy and Caramel with a nice kick,
Tonight a big Rye will do the trick,
I drink over rocks,
while wearing no socks,
This glass all night firmly I will grip.

– Alberta Rye Dark Batch at home over soda. Neat, it’s beautiful, warm, and rosy on the nose.

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Michter’s Rye

Posted by docsmooth on 2015/10/20

Spicy and beautifully sweet on the tongue,
This whiskey is amazing after a run,
It’s great on the rocks,
Don’t compare to your socks,
American rye sure can be fun!

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Koval Four Grain whiskey

Posted by docsmooth on 2015/10/15

It’s taste is better than I’d expect,

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