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Alberta Rye – Dark Batch

Posted by docsmooth on 2016/06/14

Rosy and Caramel with a nice kick,
Tonight a big Rye will do the trick,
I drink over rocks,
while wearing no socks,
This glass all night firmly I will grip.

– Alberta Rye Dark Batch at home over soda. Neat, it’s beautiful, warm, and rosy on the nose.

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Koval Bourbon

Posted by docsmooth on 2015/10/15

Spicier than I think I’d expect,
This whiskey commands serious respect,
It smells like it’s new,
But on rocks is so smooth,
It’s a purchase I will not regret.

At home with Steve

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Scapa 16y

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/11/12

Rosy and smooth with a wood hint,
Velvety soft, it’s color has light tint,
It’s soft on my tongue,
The dregs do well run,
This drink leaves me having

Vermilion, Chicago.

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Four Roses Bourbon

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/09/23

The smell is so soft I take no note,
But it’s power hits the back of my throat,
This bourbon’s so smooth,
You might be confused,
It’s strong, do not drink it on a boat.

– Liberty Bar, NYC, NY

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Talisker 10

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/08/19

It slides down my throat like burnt roses,
Vanilla that’s toasted is noticed,
This scotch is quite young,
But delights my tongue,
I think I will buy 4 more ounces.

Talisker 10 in Lords’ Cigar Bar, Baikallaika hotel, Johannesburg, ZA.

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Famous Grouse Black

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/08/10

Smokey and oaky without any peat,
A perfect blended scotch to drink neat,
It’s scent is superb,
A taste to prefer,
Over shitty Red Label for free.

Birthday treat from the bar, Hilton Sandon, my birthday 2014

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Ardberg 10

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/08/10

Stings in my throat before I just sip,
it’s strong and smokey within every drip,
The oak is subdued,
In my nose the scent stews,
I won’t have more than two on my lip.

Hilton Sandton, on my birthday, 2014

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Barrell Bourbon

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/07/26

Scent of hard liquor and fresh-cut grass,
Vanilla, cayenne, and grilled steak, I drink fast,
It’s so smooth as I pour,
Each drink demands more,
Later tonight out, I will pass.

Barrell Bourbon 2014 from Caskers. Batch 001, Bottle 219. Oh, how I like this. At home.

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Creating Solution Presentations that work.

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/09/06

From an IRC Conversation today:
<user1> if only I had a way to make boss[-2] hear "no, that's stupid"
<user1> oh wait, he thought he was the boss
<me> powerpoint presentation - propose 3 solutions: 1) your pipe
dream, 2) the thing you want, 3) his idea.
<user1> why bother with 1 and 2 ?
<me> you have 5 slides: 1) the problem. 2) the 3 solutions, 3-5: each
solution's pro/cons laid out
<me> by limiting yourself to this terrible format, you have to choose
very specific pro/con items for each
<me> so you can weight the solutions to drive his decision
<me> i use it all the time.
<me> makes them think that they're making a choice, rather than you
forcing it on them
<me> give them the chance to raise questions. their assumption is
that you want #1, but you don't, you want #2
<me> esp. when you lay out the prices, and 1 is 2x 2, and 2 is 2x 3, 2
becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly
<user1> probably I do honestly _want_ #1, I just don't think it's the
best tradeoff.
<user1> I want the fully loaded version, but midrange is almost always a
better deal.
<me> like I said - #1 is your pipe dream
<me> you can't have 1 so high that you wouldn't want to, or couldn't,
implement it
<me> but you don't want it so low that #2 is actualy not a good option
you need to give them something to say "no" to
<me> a sacrificial lamb, so to speak

Sometime in the future I’ll actuall write this up nicely, but at least it’s captured.

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Bowmore 12

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/06/17

Soft on the tongue it’s like first kisses,
The flavors become strong taste forces,
Oak and smoke are weak,
as is the taste, peat.
This Scotch still does come out delicious.

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