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Which NHL team do I cheer for?

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/02/26

Living in Chicago, a lot of people assume I’m a Blackhawsk fan. They’re right, but for the wrong reasons. I moved to Chicago from Minnesota in 2001, so people think I’m a Wild fan. They’re (mostly) wrong, for the same reasons (I have been known to be a guilty-feeling Wild fan). They then guess I’m a Stars fan. Oh, no.

So, who and why? I was talking with a customer about baseball 2 years ago, and found out that other people have complex systems for their sports allegiances, just like I do. So here’s mine – it’s an order-based heirarchy through which you’ll know which team I’ll root for (or which game I’ll watch, even):

  1. Original 6 teams first. Except fuck Detroit
  2. Older teams before newer teams. Except Detroit.
  3. Northern teams before Southern teams. Except Detroit.
  4. I’ll never root for a team from California.

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