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Alberta Rye – Dark Batch

Posted by docsmooth on 2016/06/14

Rosy and Caramel with a nice kick,
Tonight a big Rye will do the trick,
I drink over rocks,
while wearing no socks,
This glass all night firmly I will grip.

– Alberta Rye Dark Batch at home over soda. Neat, it’s beautiful, warm, and rosy on the nose.

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Barrell Bourbon

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/07/26

Scent of hard liquor and fresh-cut grass,
Vanilla, cayenne, and grilled steak, I drink fast,
It’s so smooth as I pour,
Each drink demands more,
Later tonight out, I will pass.

Barrell Bourbon 2014 from Caskers. Batch 001, Bottle 219. Oh, how I like this. At home.

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LaPhroaig Quarter Cask

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/06/21

This scotch has no need for rocks,
It slips down my throat like it’s glossed,
The flavor, complex,
Not like all the rest,
It’s balanced, smooth and feels blessed.

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Bowmore 12

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/06/17

Soft on the tongue it’s like first kisses,
The flavors become strong taste forces,
Oak and smoke are weak,
as is the taste, peat.
This Scotch still does come out delicious.

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Language Limerick

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/02/15

It may be moot to argue about,
Changes in English that spread like a root,
But loud i do shout,
I yell and I pout,
The point I do say isn’t “mute”!

(Read it in your best Canadian.)

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LaPhroaig 10

Posted by docsmooth on 2012/07/27

Burned swamp pours out of this drink,
As you smell, you’re prompted to think,
It’s nose is so strong,
Perhaps I did choose wrong,
Inhaling this makes my eyes blink.

But then this Scotch touches your tongue,
And those wrong thoughts all come undone,
Its flavor is fine,
And just maybe, divine,
Bartender, please pour more than one.

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Knockando 12

Posted by docsmooth on 2012/07/21

The smell of this scotch overpowers,
My noses’ detection of flowers,
But the taste is so smooth,
And soft like vermouth,
With pinched nose I will drink it for hours.

Written at Park Inn by Radisson, Heathrow Airport, London, UK.

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