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Old Pulteney 12

Posted by docsmooth on 2015/09/20

Gentle and clear with a bit of a tan,
This scotch has great taste of which I am a fan,
Amazing with rocks
And soda in your socks,
Sip while next day you do plan.

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Balvenie 15

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/08/10

It smells like a walk in spring wood,
Like to drink 3 more glasses? Oh I would,
On my tongue it’s like silk,
Tastes like rose petal milk,
Birthday- Drink the bottle, if I could.

My 37th birthday, in the Hilton Sandton, Johannesburg, SA, alone.

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McKenzie Bourbon

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/07/17

Both smoke and roses are in the first sniff,
Then spicy and sweet  both appear on my lips,
The rye spice is strong,
l want the night to be long,
So that I can enjoy it’s kick.

At home, from Caskers.

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First Pebble watchface

Posted by docsmooth on 2014/04/04


Laughingman on Pebble

Pebble watchface screenshots

I took a bunch of work from dwrose’s Rosewrite series of watchfaces, and created one of the Laughingman from Ghost in the Shell. It’s got some rough edges, and the resources are too large for it to be really smooth and useable, but it’s a first step.


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Posted by docsmooth on 2014/01/26

“If a pretend baby had a real mouth and sat at the table and ate real food, then a fairy turned it into a real baby? Then we’d have a lot of people in the house!”

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LaPhroaig Quarter Cask

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/06/21

This scotch has no need for rocks,
It slips down my throat like it’s glossed,
The flavor, complex,
Not like all the rest,
It’s balanced, smooth and feels blessed.

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Nova Scotia Glenbreton 12 year

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/06/19

Soft on the tongue and the nose,
It’s mouthfeel like petals of rose,
The flavor lacks peat,
But still is complete,
Down my throat this drink, it flows.

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Language Limerick

Posted by docsmooth on 2013/02/15

It may be moot to argue about,
Changes in English that spread like a root,
But loud i do shout,
I yell and I pout,
The point I do say isn’t “mute”!

(Read it in your best Canadian.)

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For @inthefade

Posted by docsmooth on 2012/12/05

because uploads need a post.

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1 new photos on my Flickr!

Posted by docsmooth on 2012/02/27

check them all out here:

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