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Marketing Experts?

Posted by docsmooth on 2009/09/07

I just got followed on twitter by YASME (Yet Another Social Marketing Expert) – I have so far found… maybe 1 actual social marketing expert. And he runs a few Domino’s Pizza shops in Chicago.

According to my analysis of the twitter Company “Personalities” I’m a fan of (@ramon_deleon, @marriott_intl, and @colonelTribune) – the requirements for a “Social Marketing/Media Expert” are:

  1. Engage people as a person, not just as a corporation
  2. Don’t just talk about the business
  3. Respond to others with real information
  4. Don’t put links in every post/tweet

So, apparently, you just have to be human. That’s it. So, from now on, I’m going to start calling myself a Social Media Expert, too. Ha!

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